How to get great ideas from your mind

Human brain is a factory of ideas and concepts.In every moment new concepts get birth in our mind.Some thoughts which comes in our mind are good or bad.We capture very few among them and acts on some of them.Our actual problem is that how we create a beneficial and practical ideas.


They can be generated by following simple activities.

1.Clarity about an issue

Whatever is your problem or issue you should have an clear imagination about your issue.When you are clear about what is your problemĀ  you can then easily find its solution.If you are not clear about an issue and confused ,you never reach at the solution.

2.Do Brainstorming

Brain storming can help you in generating new ideas and finding solution to your problems.You write on any topic and ideas come in your mind automatically.You just have allow your mind to come in and your hand to write it and your feet to act on it accordingly.

3.Pay Attention To Your Need

Whatever you want, it should be clear on your mind screen.You should take interest in those things which are interesting for you or in which you are taking more interest.In this way you can get your need.

4.Take Solid And Real Interest In Your Work

You remember about your school days when you don’t like to study science or any other subject ,and gave poor performance in that subject.Same is the case in practical life ,whatever the thing your are not taking interest in that ,results in poor performance.So take full interest in any field which you like most.When you take interest in your work ,an ideas come to your mind to get more of it.

5.Find solutions to solve same problems

Sometimes in our life we face similar problems again and again.If you want a solution to those problems ,then you should have to compare the past and present problems.From there difference you will learn a lot and get an idea to solve them easily.

6.Accept Every Task As A Challenge

When you look some task as an issue then it make you failure first before doing it.When you perceive your work as problem it will give birth to negative thoughts .And these negative thoughts create a great wall against solutions.So to get solutions ,don’t think any task as a problem but accept it as a challenge and try to win that challenge.

7.Don’t get your body covered with the problems

When you give ride your problems towards head .It will block your energy to get positive ideas .So don’t give a way to problems to suck your energy.

8.Allow You Creative Mind to Work

Those people who give attention on day and night to their aims, can easily approach new ideas and concepts.But can not get a solution on day and night thinking.When you put your problems inside your cold region of brain and don’t over think about it, then suddenly a solution hits you mind and you will be on you way.

9.Change routine of life

When you work far away from routine you can get to new inspirations, new concepts and it will lead you towards new world.

10.Keep with yourself a paper and pen

Where ever you are in the world keep pen and paper with you and write any thing which comes in to your mind. It will help you a lot in solving problems.